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Before the Interview
Interview Buddy Scheme

Interviews for training contracts and vacation schemes are challenging on their own and can be even harder to prepare for on your own without practise and feedback. That's why OSCOLA is proud to launch its Interview Buddy Scheme!

The Interview Buddy Scheme pairs up OSCOLA members to practise interviews and develop the requisite skills to excel at competency and case study interviews. Having a buddy to practise with will allow you to identify areas for improvement and receive immediate feedback on your responses, body language, tone, and other areas which are difficult to improve upon when practicing alone. 

You will be provided with materials and guidance including a bank of interview questions, case studies and general tips and tricks which will help you to ace your interviews during the next application cycle.

This scheme will help OSCOLA members to build confidence in their ability to perform well at interviews and is a great opportunity to make a new friends with someone who is also going through the application process.

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