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Peer Mentorship
Student Mentorship Programme

Gain invaluable insight, network with like-minded students, and support the next generation of lawyers.

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The OSCOLA Student Mentorship Programme, run in Michaelmas of each year, hopes to support Oxford students interested in pursuing a career in commercial law and provide them with application guidance. Being aspiring commercial lawyers ourselves, we understand the anxieties and uncertainties students face when navigating the legal industry. Unfortunately, with the scourge of COVID-19, it has only become more challenging to juggle applications with academic work and opportunities to network with potential employers in person have evaporated. Therefore our programme aims to:


  • Foster a supportive and candid environment for mentors to share guidance and advice with mentees in their first-year schemes, vacation schemes, and training contract applications.


  • Even the playing field for students with less access and resources by helping them overcome the barriers of entering the legal profession

For information on our Professional Mentorship Programme, please click here.

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