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OSCOLA Negotiation Competition

The OSCOLA Negotiation Competition is an annual Negotiation Competition. The Competition is the only one of its kind at Oxford, and provides both non-law and law students alike the opportunity to demonstrate their commercial awareness in a non-court setting.

The OSCOLA negotiation competition was a great experience,

and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. As a non-law student,

I was initially apprehensive about participating. However, I

did not feel at a disadvantage at all! The competition instead

tested my ability to think commercially and problem-solve.

As a result, I developed a lot of confidence and gained deeper

commercial awareness. I enjoyed approaching the competition from

the perspective of counsel for one side and considering all of

the client's requirements. Additionally, I found that the competition

helped me prepare for assessment days. The problems presented

were similar to those used in assessments, and the experience

helped me become accustomed to thinking on my feet quickly and

with a commercial mindset. It also honed my ability to articulate

my ideas clearly and persuasively. The competition was brilliantly

organised, and I learned a great deal from the feedback of alumni

and professional judges!

- Claudia Baldelli

(Hilary 2023Winner)

Hilary 2024 Competition


 Kenneth Hoh and Ryan Loh


Rohan Selva-Radov and Marvin Lee

Hilary 2023 Competition


 Claudia Baldelli (St Edmund Hall) and Yaning Wu (Balliol)


Ryan Loh (Mansfield) and Jun Wha Shin (Trinity)

Hilary 2022 Competition


Liam Yuen (Balliol) and Kristin Myhre (Balliol)


Isaac Powers (Keble) and Rupert Balfe (Keble)

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