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As we work to provide opportunities to our members to develop as aspiring commercial lawyers, we would be extremely grateful if you could support our operations.


Please let us know how we can best complement your recruitment strategy, and we would be pleased to put together a sponsorship package tailored to your needs. Your support will help us maintain our professional software, such as our website and video conferencing services, and cover the cost of event-related fees, prizes for competition winners and publication fees.

Our selective recruitment process ensures that our members are highly driven, such that we can introduce you to some of the most promising prospective lawyers in Oxford.

Proposed Events

In the coming terms, we intend to run the following events. The current situation means that our events will likely be held virtually, but this is likely to be a benefit, since it means that our events can reach an even wider audience.

We would be pleased to collaborate with your firm on any of the following, or to customise a tailored event according to your preferences.

Click here to view our past events.  

Virtual Team Meeting

Firm Presentation

A presentation with current lawyers and the graduate recruitment team is the perfect opportunity for the targeted recruitment of students interested in your firm and the
market-leading work that you do.

Done Deal

Case Study Workshop

Commercial case studies serve as an excellent introduction to M&A work, and have become a staple of the graduate recruitment process for many firms.

We would be keen to have the workshop run in collaboration with lawyers from your corporate team.


Commercial Update

Coffee Chat

Future lawyers should not only have a good understanding of the law, but also keep up with the latest commercial updates that impact clients and the wider economy.

We would be keen to collaborate with your firm to host such a discussion, either individually or as part of a panel.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

Practice Area Workshop

Many students exploring commercial law for the first time find the vast number of different practice areas daunting.

We intend to run workshops focused on particular practice
areas, such as private equity or arbitration, to help Oxford students find their personal areas of interest.

Financial Advisor

Negotation Competition

Negotiation is a key skill for all future solicitors. We hope to run a virtual negotiation competition to introduce Oxford students to the process of commercial negotiations. This would be the first university-wide competition of its kind, and we hope to organise it in collaboration with your firm.

Judge and Gavel

Mooting Competition

A moot would allow prospective lawyers to display their advocacy and written skills, and trains them to think on their feet in difficult situations.

Following the success of the Gibson Dunn-OSCOLA Moot in December 2020 and May 2021, we hope to run another virtual moot and would be honoured to have your firm sponsor the event.

Job Interview

Assessment Centre Workshop

Many students would not have attended an assessment centre before and would be nervous about what the recruitment process entails.

We hope to organise workshops that demystify the process and give applicants crucial tips to succeed. We would be keen to invite your graduate recruitment team to share their insights.

London City

Diversity Networking Event

OSCOLA is keen to promote access and increase diversity in the legal profession. Your firm may have diversity/affinity networks and we seek to complement your efforts by cohosting and promoting events targeted at students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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